All The Good Things

All The Good Things
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“I am praying that you will put into action the generosity that comes from your faith as you understand & experience all the good things we have in Christ” Philemon 6 (NLT)

Out of a heart filled with faith and thanksgiving flows generosity. Sitting here now, I am filled with faith and thanksgiving. Over these past months, God has provided in ways we would have never expected, it has been an amazing adventure to watch as God moved through each and every situation.

And it starts at generosity. The ability, and more importantly, the willingness, to help others. We have seen the generosity of others in our lives over the past months. Whether it being dear friends willing to open their home to us so that they could could love us and walk through the beginning of this adventure with us, an AirBNB host who was more than willing to help me save me money on my California adventure and show me around, strangers offering me rides in the heat of the day or even gifts and surprises from strangers and family. It has been the generosity and love of friends, family, strangers and our Heavenly Father that has helped bring us through the adventure.

I speak of the adventure as though it’s over. As though this chapter known as unemployment is coming to a close. I had my first interview out of 50 plus applications this week and later in the day I received an email from a recruiter for another company requesting a time to interview me for a similar role. I have no idea of the outcome of either. The first interview went really well in my opinion and I can truly say I am at peace regardless of the outcome. The peace I feel is somewhat the same as the peace I felt after our trip to British Columbia. I know that I will employed soon. Honestly though, after the prophetic word in August, I thought I’d be interviewing for VP or some other senior leader roles, not entry level or mid level roles, but for some reason, this feels right. This feels like the next necessary step so that God can continue to work and show His faithfulness.

Thank You

I just want to give an earnest, heartfelt, thank you to all of you who come back to read. For all the personal notes I received about the interview, I know your prayers made a HUGE difference. Thank you for reading.