Culling the Herd or You are what you eat

Culling the Herd or You are what you eat
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When I first started this adventure 5 months ago, I was subscribed to 14 podcasts. These ranged in time duration from half hour to three hours, the thing was, when I was bike commuting for over 2 hours a day, I wanted to listen to something on the ride. And since podcasts were downloaded to my phone, I didn’t need to worry about those nasty data overages that come from streaming.

My old podcast list consisted of:

  • Tim Ferris
  • Bad Christian
  • Pastor With No Answers
  • Break It Down with Matt Carter
  • Relevant
  • Trackstarz
  • Forth District (They have 4 podcasts within their family, I listened to three of them – Plead the Forth (politics), Don’t Do That Bro (guy stuff), Off The Record (general discussion))
  • Clock Radio Speakers
  • Sprudge
    I Brew My Own Coffee
  • LIVE with Chris Chicago
  • This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt
  • The Liberator Podcast
  • The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins

WOW. That’s a lot. It was worse than I thought. And the thing is, I would make sure that I listened to every single episode each week, before the next week started. Also, it is no wonder I was so cynical with life, and feeling so far from God. There is a lot of opinion in that list, and not a lot of affirming opinion.

The podcast list now is much smaller. Some of the originals remain, however, I am more diligent about what I feed on.

This takes us to the list of influencers.

    1. God/Jesus/Holy Spirit – Yes, I know that counts as three, but they are three in one. Since I’ve been unemployed, I have really re-focused on my relationship with God and allowing Him to be my greatest influence. Without the counsel of God’s word, I would be a fearful, worried mess. If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll know the journey God has brought me along on over these past months.
    2. Michael Hyatt¬†– I’ve been listening to the This Is Your Life Podcast for a while now. Michael is a sound mind who is constantly adding value to his listener base. I first heard of Michael through John Maxwell when I first started blogging. Maxwell was having a “Day About Writing” and Hyatt was the featured guest, which makes a ton of sense given that Michael used to be the President and CEO of Thomas Nelson Books. As an aspiring writer who wants to write a book someday, he’s probably someone who knows what’s what as far as publishing goes. It is based on these short facts why I would give Michael a premium spot on my blog and why I would agree to be an affiliate for his latest product launch.
    3. John Maxwell – John Maxwell is a leader of leaders. He has published countless books on the topic and is one of the most influential people to all the people on this list (with the exception of God and my wife). John’s book, The 360 Degree Leader: Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization still ranks as one of the best books I’ve ever read. It allowed me to see that no matter where I sit in an organization, I can have influence and lead down, across or up.
    4. Jeremie Kubicek – I’ve written about Jeremie before. His company GiANT Worldwide is focused on creating liberating leaders. I have had personal conversations with Jeremie and each time he challenges my thinking in order to allow me to grow and become a better version of my self.
    5. Jeff Goins – Jeff Goins is a writer. He has written a few books and it has been interesting to see him grow in his writing. His last book, The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do, ¬†was an excellent read and really showed a new level of maturity from his book, The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing. I love to listen to Jeff’s podcast. He has a wide variety of guests who challenge my regular thinking.
    6. Donald Miller – Donald Miller is probably best known for his book Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality. Since that, Don has successfully started a marketing company called StoryBrand. I put off starting to listen to Don as an influencer for me, but he has been a welcome addition. My hesitation was that he was so hyped up by the likes of Hyatt and Goins that I thought I wouldn’t learn anything from listening to Don and I thought that his promoters were teaching his methods. Turns out, it has been a worthwhile investment of my time to begin to listen to Donald Miller and learn more about his StoryBrand process.
    7. My Wife – My wife is my biggest influencer, right after God. It was my wife that introduced me to God as I know him, and for that reason alone she sits above the rest of the people on this list. Her love for me and her devotion to our children is amazing. She is an incredibly strong woman of God and I am honored to be her husband.

The bonus round:

I am also influenced by you, my readers. You are all the heroes of your own story. Each one of you has been called for a specific purpose and I am thankful that you allow me the time and privilege to share my thoughts with you. 2017 can be your greatest year yet and if you want to know how people like Michael Hyatt, John Maxwell and Jeff Goins prepare themselves for the new year make sure and download this free pdf.

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    Great new list!

    • Thanks David. Happy Thanksgiving!