The Foolishness of Man

The Foolishness of Man
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God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put shame to the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty. 1 Corinthians 1:27 (NKJV)

During this time my wife and I were looking at potential vacation plans, because what else do you do when you’re unemployed? You think of ways of spending money you really don’t have. We thought first of Europe, then perhaps Trinidad, we even checked the Bethel Church website to see if there were any upcoming conferences. Sure enough there was a the School of the Prophets that was coming up in mid-August. We immediately dismissed all of these things though because it really wouldn’t be that wise of a move, and the logistics of going to a conference in California as a family were difficult because what would we do with our three daughters during the days, and where would we stay (if you have a family of larger than four, then you know the struggle of finding a hotel.)

Life continued on, we saw an amazing seat sale to Trinidad, but with travel dates into March of 2017, we didn’t want to commit due to the fact that I don’t know where I’ll be working in 2017 both from an employer standpoint and from a location standpoint. So we didn’t pull the trigger on that trip. Just kept torturing ourselves with checking if the seat sale got extended.

On August 7, I was sitting in the church service, and all of a sudden I had this strong prompting that I should go to the conference at Bethel. Even though the conference I really wanted to go to was in Portland on the same weekend that the conference at Bethel started. I couldn’t get any peace about Portland though, even though it would have been a super cool, hipster filled weekend of Jesus, Hip-Hop and Coffee. The feeling about the School of the Prophets wouldn’t go away. So I told my wife after church and she said that I have to go then.

I’ve wondered about the prophetic in the past, but I purposely pulled away from it, I didn’t want to operate in the gifts that we are all freely given (1 Corinthians 14), I didn’t want to be that spiritual, I was afraid of consequences of allowing God to use me as he saw fit. But here I was, on a Sunday afternoon, 6 days before I was going to leave to Redding, California, checking my different airline and credit card points to find flights. I registered for the conference, booked my flights and started looking for a cheap place to stay. I was going to Bethel to attend the School of the Prophets. Remember that Tuesday night, what my friend had told me? Yeah, I was allowing God to do what He needed to do in me. It may not have been the most conventional decision, but adventure involves financial risk and unconventional decisions. It made no sense for Bilbo to go on a quest with a bunch of dwarves either, and that turned out sort of okay.

The following Tuesday (August 9), at the end of Tuesday night prayer service, a lady approached my wife and I and told us that she was having trouble praying all night because God was “highlighting” us to her. She asked if we were having financial issues, we affirmed, she asked if there was a job problem, we affirmed, then she told us that God had a job already in place for us, a job that would exceed our expectations, not just a job that we would be happy to get, but one where we would be able to brag on what God did. That it would take us to a new place of abundance. She also highlighted some things to my wife about some things in her life and gave an extremely encouraging word about change that was coming in those areas as well. To top it all off, as she prayed for us after, she prayed that we would be released in our prophetic gifting. God was at work, He was confirming a previous prophecy and confirming the trip I was about to take. We never met this lady before, she was a friend of some friends, but to this point I may have told two people outside of my wife and kids ¬†that I was going on the trip and this lady wouldn’t have had any conversations with any of them.

So it was settled, and for the first time in six weeks, I had complete peace knowing that God has this all under control. Without losing my job, without the severance pay, this trip wouldn’t even be possible. The dream while on vacation prepared me for what was to come and God had set up this providential meeting with Him that otherwise would never have happened. However, I still didn’t make the trip public knowledge. My family and a few close friends knew about it. As I left for the trip the following Saturday, I purposely avoided posting any social updates about the trip. I did not want to answer the questions about it. I didn’t want to have the thought that people were judging what seemed to be such an unwise use of funds.