Friends and the Wild

Friends and the Wild
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If there is one thing that is true about our thoughts about adventures is that they happen in the wilderness, and with a band of cohorts who are taking the adventure with you.

Whether we think about Frodo and Sam crossing middle earth to throw the one ring into Mount Doom, or Luke Skywalker going to Dagobah with R2-D2 to see Yoda and complete his training, adventures happen in some uncomfortable places. Perhaps places where the usual comforts of life are removed.

My usual comfort of life was my job. Up each morning. Off to work. It was a constant, and even though at times I wasn’t that excited about it, it was familiar, it was usual, it was expected. When that was removed things became uncomfortable. There was assurance of a paycheck twice a month. As the time goes on and things seem farther away from being resolved as far as getting a new job, the deeper into the wilderness it seems I am headed.

Adventures are Better With Friends

After I got laid off, I did the typical things, met some people for coffee, tried to figure out what I was supposed to do with my life. Checked again for jobs, applied for a few more. It was bad spiral. The good thing was that I was able to continue spending time with my wife and girls. Honestly, it was amazing to be at home everyday. But then I would check my phone and begin to spiral again.

Friends of ours moved out to the west coast earlier in the year. They had a similar adventure last year when he left his job to pursue something new. Their adventure lasted well over 15 months, so they knew exactly what we were feeling. They invited us out for a visit and so we made the drive. It was the first time I had relaxed in about a week. We visited, talked, and when we attended their church on that Sunday, the sermon was about the Psalms.  A reading plan was handed out and I finally had something to settle myself into a new morning routine. Every morning, a couple psalms, prayer, and journaling. It was exactly what I needed.

Of course I had been praying the entire time, but it was time to get serious and reinvest in my relationship with my Saviour. I highly suggest that if you have a relationship with Jesus that you don’t wait until a crisis to truly invest in that relationship. I could have saved myself a lot of worry and stress if I could have woken up on the morning of the 22nd and simply said, “Thank you Jesus for this new adventure, I know you’re with me and you have a plan for this.” Instead it took me a couple weeks to figure it out.

When we got back from the coast, we got back to life at home, I took care of our new lawn that we finished while I was on vacation, I got some small projects finished and we relaxed. At our first night back to church on a Tuesday a friend of mine came up to me and said, “I was praying for you guys and God wants you to know that He already has a job for you, but first He has to do some work on you.”

I put that in my back pocket, and just started to pray for God to do in me what ever he has to do. I thanked Him for the job that He has in place and just surrendered to whatever He needed to do in me.

Just like Frodo had Sam and the other members of the Fellowship of the Ring, or like Luke had Han, Chewbacca, and a couple of droids, my adventure isn’t happening without my family and friends (old and new).

I am enjoying this adventure with my wife, my kids and of course, the compass that is the Holy Spirit. There are days where the darkness seems inevitable, that a heavy pressure comes upon me and I can’t shake it, but the support of my wife, the smiles of my girls, friends willing to talk and the comfort of the Holy Spirit quickly turns that mourning into dancing.

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