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New Music Coming Soon

Over my time writing for NewReleaseToday I have had the amazing opportunity to meet some incredible people and interview some great artists. One of my

Coffee Of The Week – Tandem Coffee Roasters – Kochere

Well this is a first for this blog, and that is the coffee. Chances are you won’t see a new coffee here every week,

Cool Music for Cooler Days

The tangline I chose for this blog is Jesus, Hip Hop and Coffee and I realize I haven’t posted much about any of those

Red Flowers and Red Cups

It’s November, which in this house means that the Christmas season has begun. It has started for the corporate monsters as well. Starbucks has

3 things I learned this week at a Mining conference

Well the conference I came for is over, the trip is over. To say I’m happy to be going home would be an understatement.