The Conversation Starts Here

I missed good music

It has been a while since I wrote an album review, and it occurred to me this month, with the release of so many

Friends and the Wild

If there is one thing that is true about our thoughts about adventures is that they happen in the wilderness, and with a band

The Adventure Begins

First and foremost, my apologies for being away for so long. Now on to the post. I woke up one morning thinking about adventures

The Voices in My Head

Two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting the CEO of GiANT Worldwide, Jeremie Kubicek. Our first meeting was a phone call while

A Homeschool Day in the Life with a 15, 10 and 4 year old

Note from Mark: Today is a special blog post, my amazing wife decided to write a post about her day of homeschooling and we’re