Do you believe justice exists? In a world riddled with news stories about injustice, whether it be Michael Brown, Eric Garner, or even the attack this week by the Taliban on the school in Peshawar, Pakistan. I suppose some would say justice was done in the case in Peshawar given that the attackers were all killed, however, do seven lives account for the loss of 141?

What about on the streets of our cities? Is there justice for the trafficked men, women and children who are forced into acts of servitude? My eyes have been opened recently to the injustices happening in my city, to things that I only thought happened in movies or in major metropolitan areas. To keep it simple, it makes me sick and my heart wrenches for the victims.

Is there Justice?

When society is dominated by people who may fit my description, that is, white males, can justice ever be had? When the lawmakers and policy setters come from a particular worldview and income bracket, can justice ever truly be had? When the focus is on morality issues versus deeper societal root causes, can justice be had? When lines are drawn based on political, cultural and religious lines, can justice be had?

I have more questions than answers that is obvious. I also think  that most of us try and ignore some of these issues because for the most part they don’t impact our daily lives. But at the end of the day, each one of the victims is our neighbor. We cannot and must not sit idly by with our blinders on as we drive through marginalized parts of our cities. That restaurant on the right may be the place where human trafficking occurs.

I personally believe that justice will be served. One day. It will be served when Jesus returns to claim His bride. However, until that time comes, we will continue to live in a fallen world. I just ask that you don’t ignore the brokenness around you. Do not deny the presence of evil. Also, do not deny the power of God.

I wrote a poem about injustice and the answer to it. Read it. Digest it. Do you think justice exists?

Human Condition

Misery, death, destruction, we see it everyday.

Children die, Mothers cry

Innocence is ripped away.

A 12 year old girl-


by her uncle.

Satan gains,

another foothold.

A politician’s lies,

infidelities rise,

constituents outraged,

his wife and children

wonder why.

Another broken home.


for the wrong team.

The human condition-





Gunshots fired,

another school shooting,

children left bleeding.




Gunshots fired,

children stolen,









The AK47 goes off,

a gun becomes,

a teddy bear,

his only comfort,

his trusted friend.




He shot at me first general




He wouldn’t drop the knife captain


Disposable children

in a hospital waste bin

the uncle’s problem


a 12 year girl


no questions asked

no bastard born.

The human condition-



A perfect man,

a perfect life,

a perfect


Beaten within an inch of existence.




Spat upon





Nails driven

through hands

and feet


left to die




Thunder claps

veil is torn

separation over.




The tomb sealed

Three days

The serpent choked

The keys taken back

The gates of hell are locked






He’s not here

He’s been raised

The human condition-


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Pouring Out

Elisha is an interesting character study in the bible. I wrote about him last year in this post. I wondered on that day, what oxen do I need to slaughter, what plow do I need to burn.

The answer is very simple. The answer, you see, is in 2 Kings 4:1-7

One day the widow of a member of the group of prophets came to Elisha and cried out, “My husband who served you is dead, and you know how he feared the Lord. But now a creditor has come, threatening to take my two sons as slaves.”

“What can I do to help you?” Elisha asked. “Tell me, what do you have in the house?”

“Nothing at all, except a flask of olive oil,” she replied.

 And Elisha said, “Borrow as many empty jars as you can from your friends and neighbors. Then go into your house with your sons and shut the door behind you. Pour olive oil from your flask into the jars, setting each one aside when it is filled.”

So she did as she was told. Her sons kept bringing jars to her, and she filled one after another. Soon every container was full to the brim!

“Bring me another jar,” she said to one of her sons.

“There aren’t any more!” he told her. And then the olive oil stopped flowing.

When she told the man of God what had happened, he said to her, “Now sell the olive oil and pay your debts, and you and your sons can live on what is left over.”

The answer is I have to fill the vessels I have with oil.

Over time, in this little Kingdom where I feel I have all control, I have talked about writing not being about building a platform or a following. I’ve talked about being an instrument through which God can speak, I mean, I’ve even convinced myself that this whole thing is not about me. I wrote and wrote. Meanwhile, while focusing on pouring into people’s lives, I neglected at times to pour into the life of my family.

Many Vessels, Limited Oil

In our lives there are many vessels that we have have to continually ensure that we fill them up. For me, those things are my wife, my daughters, my walk with God, my physical well-being, my job…As you can see there are many vessels I need to fill on a regular basis. The difference between me and the widow is that I have limited oil, where she had limited vessels.

When I started this blog just over a year ago (not to be confused with my old blog) I felt I needed to write everyday, that my endearing fans (that I didn’t yet have) needed to hear my voice in their lives daily, they needed filling up. Turns out, the only thing that was getting full was myself. My ego was being filled by followers and comments and retweets. This had become a selfish endeavor.

Rather than taking the small amount of oil I had, and pouring it into the vessels that were in my own house, I took what I had and poured into things like twitter followers, facebook friends and unique visitors per month.

I took a small hiatus from this arena for awhile. This was one vessel that I had nothing left to pour into and if there was a little bit left over, there were other areas that required more of me. Now as I learn to manage things a little better than before, I can be satisfied to sit and rest and listen to what I really need to be saying and sharing.

So I ask you, what vessels do you need to fill? What vessels are being neglected?

If you have not already done so, sign up to receive the nine day devotional I wrote titled, “Rest In Him.” And if you have taken advantage and downloaded the devotional, I would love to get some feedback from you. Leave a comment below or send me an email to mark@themarkcryan.com.




Hominem te memento…

The phrase is stuck in my head. Ever since I read the phrase and the story behind it in John Maxwell’s latest book, Good Leaders Ask Great Questions, I cannot help but to think on it.

In ancient Rome, when a victorious general came back from war, there was always a parade – first the defeated enemy, then the victorious army, and finally, on his chariot, the general would have his procession. On the chariot with the general would be a slave who would continually whisper in his ear, “hominem te memento,” all while the crowd cheered for the general. This simple phrase ensured that, amongst the cheering and adoring crowds, the general would remember his place.

Hominem te memento…

Remember you are a man…Nothing says “stay humble” more than that simple phrase. I am a man. I have shortcomings. I have failed moments. By no means am I perfect. 2 Corinthians 3:5 is a reminder of this:

It is not that we think we are qualified to do anything on our own. Our qualification comes from God.

This verse is perfectly reflective of my career. To do my job, or at least, to have my title, many corporations would require a graduate degree, almost all would require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. I have neither. I know that my only qualification comes from God. I am humbled and blessed…but…

Why doesn’t my attitude reflect it?

Or rather, why hasn’t my attitude reflected it to this point? I cannot pinpoint a specific moment or trigger that resulted in a lack of humility, but I am aware that it exists. This is an area I need to work on. Not that I want to appear weak, especially in such a testosterone driven industry, but I don’t want pride to cloud my judgement or ego to drive my actions.

I can think of more than one occasion that I was asked by my boss to call others in the organization to provide information or to give them updates, and my response would be that they are all grown ups, if they know I have what they need, they should just call me. Perhaps it’s youth, perhaps it’s due to the environment, but regardless of the external circumstance that I can try and blame it on, I know that if I took a position of humility, everything would be easier.

But I don’t merely want to be humble to make my life easier or to increase my influence, but for my own mental health. In my opinion, ego and pride increase stress. I am tired of the stress. Tired of blaming others. It is time for me to own my faults and my failings and remember that I haven’t earned anything but have been given qualifications from God and I need to steward those qualifications in my life.

As you read this today can you think of an area in your life where more humility is required? If pride and ego are causing you stress, perhaps it is time to seek rest from the stress in God. Subscribe to the blog and I will send you a nine day devotional that will help you on your journey to find a deeper rest and relationship with God.


Rest In Him

Busy / Rest

I am in the midst of one of the busiest seasons of life I have ever had. It started in July and hasn’t relented. I am tired. I am worn out. I really don’t want to be adding things to my life like getting out of bed earlier so that I can collect my thoughts, pray and worship God, read His word, or write. I don’t want to tie up my runners and exacerbate the fatigue by going for a run.

But you know what?

At the beginning of the month I did just that. I recommitted myself to daily prayer and being in the Word, and I recommitted myself to daily physical activity. The results? I have felt more productive, more alert and surprisingly a little more refreshed.

(Full disclosure – I originally wrote that on November 7 and since that day, snow has fallen, work got even busier and I had to travel a bit – I’m not doing that great right now. Let’s just say that I’m taking a bit of my own medicine right now.)

It is the whole premise of first things first. The most important thing for me is to ensure that God gets first dibs on my time. I admit that there is nothing I cannot do without His strength and if I try to do it on my own strength it usually turns out second rate.

As we come into the busiest of seasons (the most wonderful time of the year), I ask you to consider hitting the reset button. I have put together a nine day devotional to help you do just that. It is titled, “Rest In Him.” To get it, all you have to do is subscribe to my blog to receive it by email and I will personally send it your way. And don’t worry, I hate spam and sales pitches, so you will never receive anything more than blog posts, and based on how often I’ve posted lately, that shouldn’t take up much room in your inbox.


We have a winner + Survey results

I want to thank the six people who took the time to complete my survey. As Michael Hyatt said, “Your first survey may only get five or six responses but it will be more information than you had before.”

The results shaped up something like this:

  • 66.6% of my readers are younger than me
  • 66.6% of my readers are female (sorry guys)
  • 5 out of 6 are American (I guess I have spell labour and colour without the “u”)
  • 5 out of 6 prefer general thoughts as blog topics (I still love music and poetry, perhaps I will just find a different venue)
  • 50% have been impacted positively by my blog and 50% were new to the scene.
  • 4 out of  6 like coffee
  • and 100% of people would be interested if I wrote a free devotional.

Thank you again everybody who responded. For those that didn’t respond, you’ll get your turn in a few months.

Now The Important Part…

We have a winner…


As a big thank you for taking time out to read and participate in the survey, Kristyn York of Kristyn York Photography is the winner of coffee and a mug from local Edmonton coffee roaster Transcend Coffee.

In the  interest of full disclosure, Kristyn is a fellow #NRTeam Member. But the random number generator picked her number.

Next steps for this space

Obviously I have to write a devotional, the people have spoken. I may make some tweeks to the site and of course I need to stop by a little more often and say hi.

I still need your help though…

What would be a topic for a devotional that would interest you? Leave a comment and let me know. Last but not least, why don’t you do yourself a favor (see spelled it like an American) and sign up to receive my posts in your email. Facebook buries posts deep in the netherworld now and if you miss the tweet about it then you may not know I even posted. It just makes sense.